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Amy Hutson is a lithographer whose love for printmaking began whilst studying at the Glasgow School of Art where she first encountered lithography and began collecting equipment to start a print shop.

Amy has attended the renowned Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she took the one year Printer Training Programme. The Tamarind Institute was founded in the 1960's by June Wayne as a means to "rescue" the dying art of lithography. The program only accepts eight people from around the world each year. It demanded 60-70 hours each week and consisted of studying every aspect of stone, aluminium, and photo plate lithograph including how to etch complex images, problem solve, curate, edition accurately, as well as learning how to collaborate with professional artists.

Since graduating, Amy has returned to the UK and hopes to make printmaking – specifically lithography – accessible in East Yorkshire.

Lithography is a unique printmaking method. It involves a lot of problem solving, but the breadth of techniques and possibilities is larger than any other print media. Amy loves how clean and delicate the surface of a freshly ground stone feels and the texture of tusche washes on the stone. Each stone is unique. It behaves differently to grease and etches in its own way, so you have to learn its character before you can work effectively with it.

Amy Hutson

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